OEEC: annual report 2016 – OEEC

OEEC: annual report 2016

Here you can download our Annual report in English. Office for European Expertise and Communications Annual report contains the description of our Programmes, activities and key achivements in 2016.

Leaders from all the regions in Belarus participated in educational Programmes of Office for European Expertise and Communications in 2016. We managed to reach out to 42 communities and include more than 4600 people in assessing and solving local problems.

Three new overviews of Belarusian civil society sectors were published in 2016. Sectoral overviews were dedicated to the current situation in the sector of youth organizations, sphere of organizational development, and advocacy. We have also organized two public discussions «What Do Belarusians Think» covering topics of the Bologna process and pensions reform.

In 2016, Office for European Expertise and Communications co-organized contests of social projects Social Weekend and became a part of media initiative dedicated to people improving the world around us.

We would like to thank our colleagues, partners, and participants of our Programmes for support, help and cooperation!