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Trainings on fundraising and project applications writing

Where can non-profit organizations seek funding for their activities? What is the correct way to formulate the goal, objectives and to draw up the budget? The Office for European Expertise and Communications together with an expert from the United States helped to find answers to these and other questions in November 2019.

The exciting training “Fundraising and writing project applications” for non-profit organizations was held by OEEC experts together with Abby Ingraham, expert from the U.S. who visited Belarus for the 2nd time.

Who is this U.S. expert?

Abby Ingraham, Maine, U.S.A., is a specialist in the field of business communication and management of non-profit organizations. Abby has worked with such organizations as SydneyWater, where, through her participation, the Sydney Olympic Games (2000) initiative was backed up; the World Young Christian Women Association (World YWCA) in Geneva; the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; the International Labor Organization, etc.

As an expert in training and counseling for NGOs, Abby has two strategies:

  • rapid organizational development through improved communication
  • training in establishing lasting cooperation with stakeholders.

And now more about the trainings

In 2019 four identical trainings were offered in three cities: Minsk, Mahilioŭ and Viciebsk.

  • November 19 – 20, Minsk
  • November 22 – 23, Viciebsk
  • November 25 – 26, the city of Mahilioŭ
  • November 29 – 30, Minsk.

The trainings were conducted by the Office of European Expertise and Communications in partnership with the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus.