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Belarus Winds Up 589 NGOs

The below infographics has been prepared to celebrate the World NGO Day, which is marked every year on the 27th of February.

The World NGO Day is a significant event showcasing how important freedom of speech, human safety, nature conservation and care for cultural heritage or future of the mankind are for the non-governmental organisations.

The NGOs, i.e. the non-governmental organisations, always reach out to the public by offering help in any critical situations, by seeking positive transformations in the world and by doing everything they can to improve the quality of life for every woman and every man or every child.

The NGO assistance is of a particular value during hostilities, when other institutions discontinue their operations or else are overwhelmed by too many requests for help. It is in such challenging times that people unite to support each other, thus creating a grassroot activism that is transformed into not-for-profit organisations.

Sadly enough, currently the Belarusian NGO activity picture looks in a different way …

The term ‘non-governmental organisation,’ or NGO, was for the first time ever mentioned in Article 71 of the United Nations Charter in 1945. The World NGO Day was initiated in 2009, whereas in 2010 12 states, including Belarus, made official declarations on its recognition.